Hi Clara, let's do this ! 
Should we set up some ground rules? 
I suggest we each pick a typeface to use when we post something, and perhaps that we write the date somewhere in the post. Just move stuff around also if you have an idea of how to arrange things !!
I'm going to start by posting these albums that include Arthur Russell,
The Necessaries was a band he was part of and I don't really like the whole album, just this song where he sings.
Also these buns we eat on St. Lucia day, the 13th of December here in Scandinavia. They're called "Lussekatter"
Just like our name, Lucia means light. Found this text about the buns: "In Swedish tradition, young girls wear a crown of candles and wake their families bearing Lussekatter, special sweet yeasted buns flavored with saffron and studded with currants or raisins. The saffron gives them a golden color that represents the light"

15/12/19 Hello my dearest, i picked this serif one <3

( )
i want to share with you those two texts about friendship (not sure yet how to add links properly + we can clear/organise the space in spring!)

Am very fascinated by Uta Eisenreich RN. 26.12.19
a boy sent me this. 26.12.19
also, must remind myself of this a lot;)
Watch this movie also!!
It's incredible

the link is broken :'''''''-(
New year new snacks, obsessed with marmite
<= i see similarities with this sculpture seen
@ palais de tokyo
handbag number typeface spotted in utrecht
biggest crush of 2020 so far
i love being a fan girl feels so good to feel love
(a good text about fandom)

this print is funny. by Munch. 20/1/20
<---that is so classy!!!
Nice - who made them?:o
oh... it was a link to a trailer for Parasite!
I started watching this british show about couples with extreme age gaps. Here Simon, 38 and Janice, 78! inspirational :P
Shoutout to one of my favourite animals (although one should not put animals in hierarchy)
i'm trying to think what i got excited about lately but i'm pretty bored, my last epiphany was that kickboxing is my favorite sport so far and that giving up on yoga is ok and its ok to like a sport because of its immediate pleasure effect
got myself a cineville card again to fill up the after work moments during winter time (1917 was amazing, proof: went to the cinema late around 9, had a lot of warm sake before, aka perfect conditions for me to sleep like a stone, and i was awake like never, eyes wide wide open, not even sitting laying in the chair but so into it that i was a little bit bending forward)(watching finally parasite tonight)
the last pictures on my phone are just practical pictures like train tickets
yes ok i'm bored i'm bored i'm bored

so bored i can only post old screenshots from my desktop

OMG loved this post. I like you uninspired ;)))) 3.2.2020
that woman looks dope
HI it's me
I really appreciate your last post. thanks for sharing <3
your post about not feeling inspired inspired me to write something more honest than I usually would out here on the WWW.
I have decided to consider it bold to do so even though (most likely) no one else than you will ever read this.
Oh shit, I don't even know if I have something revealing to write. OK yes - take this: tonight I didn't sleep at all because I was so PMS-anxious. Suddenly all my life was wrong: Why had I never played music in a proper band? WHy did I decide to be a graphic designer? And why do I want a boyfriend that bad? Now that it is 18.52 the next day it's all fine except that I'm quite exhausted hehe ;)
Eva Hesse:
Son Ayong
I'm really into furniture at the moment
I made a pinterest with furniture
LONG TIME NO SHARE (srry bout tht)
so nice to discover what you posted
and highly appreciate your online openness
(let's call fucking soon tho)
i also assume no one goes on this page
i have a link for it on my website but no one checks it i believe
lol i realise i'm listening to alex cameron again while typing
i started designing again for a lawyer (!!) and that feels dope, even had an insomnia thinking about it and i missed that feeling so much

this snack is my last post bankruptcy treat in the office

i saw this book and had to think of you but i'm pretty sure you know her already NEL AERTS anyway just googled her and saw her sculptures and would love to see you executing physical drawing in a space you'd be amazing
my new everyday prop
for backs in pain
and still look hot
this i add to your furniture collection
***by Come Clerino***
this looks so comfortable :-P
ass & back squeezie
100% worth checking her out
***Tiziana La Melia***
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
I kinda like this painter -James Ulmer
@Gravalot a new brand that I LOVE
Yes hello and a warm welcome!
great!! didn't know this!! 
in a UKgrime and hiphop state of mind
also really into this outfit
Sara Antsis
Ahhh great :DDDD
love it
<--- <3 --->
really you

do you know those sweets called di sant’agatha? =>
i read that the name comes from Saint Agatha, who (in the story) rejected Quintian (Roman governor of Siciliy) because she wanted to stay a single virgin woman, and preferred death than forced marriage with this old dude, therefor she got her breast cut off by him. You can read those cakes (boobies) as representing the (quote) "ultimate rejection of patriarchal code that oppresses the vulnerable by objectifying and making dispensable women who chose celibacy, who reject life of mariage and reproduction"
pretty cool, huh?

Other story, about Saint Lucy (same time, 4th century) who went on the grave of Saint Agatha to pray for her sick mom. Inspired, she promises Saint Agatha to stay virgin, but her boyfriend ain’t happy and denounces her as Christian (which wasn’t good at that time), and as a sign of love she takes off her apparently beautiful eyes to offer them to her fiancé on a platter (image below), which apparently ALSO became some dessert, the Saint Lucy cake, and when i googled it I saw the Swedish Buns you posted!! Is that from the same story?
an extract from a book called 'Daily rituals - How artists work' each section is about a famous writer, composer, painter and their daily rituals, i'm sharing this one :-)
Wow this is amazing!! That's also a way to do a relationship I guess :P 
This is so cool!! I love the design of those pastries
I think it is the same Saint that you honor on the day you eat the Swedish buns! But I just googled it, and apparently the Swedish buns were baked to scare the devil away, because they are baked with saffron which the devil apparently dislikes (??) 
Your posts are on fire!!! This is also just beautiful!
I heard this recited in a song and thought it was one of the most beautiful descriptions of longing I've heard
Oscar Grønner
hugely into Tirzah at the moment
Desperate lovesongs FTW
victor Brauner
Ikko Tanaka
hello C, and all you followers out there! Thank you for sharing the stuff about Gertrude Stein, it's really been with me these last few days. It inspired me to make a routine that includes drawing every day, even if it's just a little bit!
PT I am having a case of PMS and it's bad this time! (I realise that last time I wrote here it was the same – I will make sure to post something a day without PMS as well don't worry!!) 
Currently having a think about all my past relationships (of the intimate kind) and a small cry with it. I think it might be meant to happen every month just to let it all out, so I'm trying to embrace it.
It's not like this quarantine gives me a lot of options for distraction either.
What I currently like to spend this time doing is: looking at interiors on the internet, drawing on my new ipad, knitting a baby sweater (just learned and strongly recommend this activity), pinteresting like a maniac, having long phone conversations, listening to south american jazz, baking and/or walks to my favourite bakeries. Oh and then I'm learning to animate which is lots of immediate fun!-------->
Looking so much forward to working on the website!! I think about you and what you're doing a lot! I can imagine that you're good at making the most of this time.
Hello C,
I feel like it's time to post something here again. I wonder if you'll ever see this – we seem to have forgotten about this page! But when you do – hello! 
I'm currently battling with a lot of existential confusion: thinking about relationships and what I need and want, and also what it means to be true to yourself. I think one thing that makes me feel true to myself is when I feel inspired. This page is good for reminding oneself of what is inspiring. This post will be green – the colour of hope. I'm back in a self-helpy mood hehe. Trying to embrace that side of myself instead of being ashamed of it ;-) 
Here's a good blogpost if you ever find yourself in a life-crisis: https://waitbutwhy.com/2018/04/picking-career.html

Hey K,
So happy to find a post of yours! <3
Atm i'm super busy and excited which gives me the luxury to not question so much current life path but rather go with the flow (i'll keep the tab with your link open tho - this mood twists can happen so quickly!!)
so funny a friend today sent me this link asking what it was and he said he loved it
Looking back this page is actually so nice
shows the high pics of excitement throughout the year, and its good to see them after such a shit feeling about 2020 so far. Now i'm listening to alex cameron again and this puts me back in the shoes of the me in december 2019 SO WEIRD. Nice to figure out we still develop, think and feel differently.
i'll compile here what gave me excitement lately so i keep a trace and maybe you'll get something out of it
biggest hugs <3 <3

This is just a trace to remember that i'm obsessed with biopics of artists who died (Gregory Lemarchal died early 2000 after winning a music reality show aged of 23 :-'(
didn't care about him before watching a shit biopic about him last week lol
wonder if non french ppl would actually recognize his TALENT RIP GREG
also new obsession

i recommend discovering new 'tools' to move through a space

rollerskating is amazing

now i take also classes at the skatepark to learn going down and up the hills

i share the class only with 10year old kids

not so used to humans of this age - they are cool
nice website

made a cake with auriane using marie's typeface for her birthday
we made a sketch and research
felt like school ahahha
love so much this outfit
loved the colours
and the composition for the San LUIS BAR
story inspo
big like

from swedish klara's spread (i think) from their GD graduation publication 2020
not gonna text you that i updated a bit this page lets see when the magic happens again - miss you
Ha!! I haven't been here for so long!!
Just thought of you because I was trying to watch french Vogue videos without subtitles. Some painter showing off her amazing apartment in Paris.

looking forward to getting more deep into what you posted in – wow – september!!
It looks like so much good stuff.

I am a bit hyped on sugar and can't sleep. But at the same time a bit restless so I also can't remember what to post here right now. Maybe I remember tomorrow.
For now it's just gonna be this song that moved me tonight, and this old russian drawing of a frog wearing a scarf :}

Miss hanging out with you! 
All my love,


I wonder when you will see this!
Have been thinking a lot about you lately.

I'm doing well at the moment, not so much to say about it, so instead, I'll post some pictures!! BIG BISOUX!